site specific ephemeral sculpture

Current Projects

ArtsCape is now closed and all the sculptures removed.  Over 35 000 people visited the exhibition.

It’s wonderful to be home in Augusta watching the whales and walking along the quiet, wild beaches.

The artsCape Biennial is now open and there are hundreds of people viewing the works. The organisers have been smart to place the trail in a very well used area of Byron Bay so many of the visitors are walkers, joggers, general tourists and visitors to the beach as well as the art lovers.

My work has evolved since the last up date and became Night Gathering. There are few experiences like sitting with the stars at night to remind us that we are relatively insignificant and living on a planet spinning in space. No longer surface dwellers, we sit in awe of the vastness.

I decided not to use the honey as there were a couple bush turkeys (that are really quite large) who already thought the work a place of sustenance. Whilst this could make for an interesting work I felt it better left for another time

artsCape Biennial, NSW

I am currently working on a piece for artsCape Biennial. The piece is titled ‘Gathering’ and is symbolic space about people coming together to share knowledge, ask questions and create solutions to ecological and social concerns. The local Banksia (integrifolia)is in flower all over Byron and will be the main material used. From it’s full flower, seperated flower, new inner stem, old seed pod, branches and soil from around the roots of an over turned tree. I plan to incorporate honey into the work, calling on nature to join the Gathering, as a symbol for the nectar provided by the Banskia and as a symbolic reminder of the Joseph Beuys Social Sculptural Work Honey Pump in the workplace.

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