site specific ephemeral sculpture

Environmental Art

This slideshow requires JavaScript. . We need to be reminded of this, however it should not be looked upon as debilitating or constrictive. We have a responsibility to the natural world, and there are actions we can take as communities and individuals to help negotiate the situation. This is the communicative role of Clocherty’s art, which simultaneously highlights the beauty of the natural world, yet alerts us to its fragility, and perhaps most importantly our concomitant role within this complex dynamic.

Clocherty’s evocative art interventions in the landscape and gallery context over the last twelve years have been shown, locally, nationally and internationally, in sculpture parks such as Piney Lakes (2009), her extensive working in the South West of Western Australia, her recent work at the 2010 Byron Bay Sculpture Biennial, and gallery work such as the recent Mandorla Art Prize (2010). Clocherty’s very humanist work demonstrates her active role in creating and promoting art that embodies a community-orientated connection to nature.

Dr Nicola Kaye, July 2011.


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